What do Christmas Decorators do in April?

Getting ready for Christmas already!
March 19, 2019
An A to Z of Customers for The Christmas Decorators
June 4, 2019

For April, we have  been visiting previous Clients as well as speaking to Clients new for this year – very exciting!  We supported Hartley Park Farm with their charity day which was another success for the charities – although it was very cold!

Looking forward to May, we will continue with our preparation of decorations for our Clients – we check to make sure that all the lights and cables are working, as well as adding more decorations, or changing them if this is wanted.  We find this quite therapeutic and enjoy it all the more because there isn’t the pressure that comes with the job for September and the following months.

Back in April 2018 we helped with some of the Christmas decorations for a film shoot in Surrey.  So the exciting news is that The Hustle is due for release on 10th May so we will be checking out our decorations.  A team trip to the cinema is planned!  The Hustle stars Anne Hathaway and Rebel Wilson.  Later in the year, we’ll be giving you more news about another film we helped with over 2018/2019 so watch this space …..

We have been getting responses to our customer survey – this is always nerve-wracking to be honest.  Thank you to all our Clients who have replied – and thank you for the wonderful remarks.  To get replies like “Yes, all the staff were very helpful and kind!”  “Our home was left in great condition.”  “Loads of our guests complimented, and do every year, at how amazing our decorations are.”  “Lin is who I usually deal with and she is personable, kind and always get the brief 100% on point!”  “I would highly recommend Lin and Duncan at The Christmas Decorators as the best in the business of Christmas Decorations.”  So we think we’re doing a fairly cracking job!

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