About Us

About Us

The Christmas Decorators started in America in 2002.

In 2012 Duncan and Lin set up their franchise, covering the south of England.

As at April 2019 there are over 50 UK offices across the country.

Christmas is the season of goodwill!  But it is also the season of excessive expenditure!

We work with organisations who want to use our expertise to help them sell their products over the Christmas season.

Some organisations will have time to source and install Christmas decorations.

Others want to contract this out so that they can concentrate their time and energy on selling their products.

This is where my team at the Christmas Decorators come in to help.

The commercial Christmas decoration market is worth £280 million.

We love helping decorate your home.  Christmas is magical, and the home is where the magic lives.

We will work with you to give you whatever you desire, without any of the fuss.

We cater for everything from a simple wreath to an entire house.